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Company History

BJ Consultancy was established by Jans Bieleveld on the 1st of July 2000 as a one-man business after a career of nearly 30 years in several leading functions in maintenance and development departments in the oil- and gas-industry.

My wife Paula and me, started as an electrotechnical inspection and consultancy office, specialised in drilling-, workover-, well testing- and gas production-installations.
The emphasis was put on (electrical) equipment/material in hazardous areas. Through the years this was expanded to installations not related to the oil- and gas-industry, but to other production facilities with gas and dust explosion hazardous areas.
As, per July 1 2003, the European guideline 94/9/EG, the ATEX95, became effective, we also added inspections of the mechanical parts that could be a possible source of ignition.

To be able to offer even more services to our customers, so electrotechnical as well as mechanical, per January 1st 2008 we started a partnership firm with a mechanical engineer, Wouter Bieleveld.

For special occasions we can make an appeal to the knowledge and experience of several people from the oil- and gas industry, also with over 35 years background as equipment manager or electrical engineer.
Jans Bieleveld
Paula Bieleveld
Wouter Bieleveld