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The support of new drilling contractors with the specific requirements of a
big worldwide operating Dutch oil and gas producing company.

Supporting a Chinese workover-hoist manufacturer with regard to
certification and explosion safety.

The support of a new-to-build drilling rig project for 2 rigs in China for one
of the largest oilfield service companies in Oman.

Counseling a building project of a hydraulic hoist for the benefit of laboratory
tests for one of the largest oil companies in the world.

Auditing for selection and assessment of a Chinese drilling contractor for a
turn-key project in Oman.

Factory Acceptance Test of control units for four offshore drilling rigs for an
international rigbuilder.

Long range contract to do inspections on electrical installations of drilling
and well intervention installations for an oil production company in Oman.

Assistance with the technical realisation of several areas for the re-opening
of the oldest oilfield in the Netherlands.

Giving various recommendations with regard to adjustments in explosion-safe
installations for an Ex-certified electro-motor winding company.

Inspecting drilling rigs and advising modifications to meet ATEX 95 for
operations in Europe.

   Supporting the new-to-build hydraulic drilling installation, specification,
   building support and end-commissioning, for foam-drilling technique
   for a top hole drilling project in Oman.