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* We can do pre-inspections during the tender period and draw up an
inspection report so that  you can immediately see whether the installation
is fit-for-purpose according the applicable European and/or International
Standards or your company specific requirements.

* We execute rig- or installation acceptance tests by doing:
  • Full load tests
  • Checking mud system
  • Checking BOP control equipment
  • Checking Degasser
  • Checking shale shakers

* While a drilling- and/or well repair assignment is being carried out, we can
   check whether the maintenance is being done according your offer and the
   standard EN 60079-17.

* Inspections according the NEN 3140/EN 50110 and/or EN 60079-17 (for
   Electrical installations in hazardous areas) requirements can also be done by
   our company.
   According the “Dutch Labour Resolution” (in the Netherlands), the owner
   of the Installation has the obligation to do these inspections or have them
   done to fulfil his duties towards his employees.

* Yearly a lot of people get injured by falling objects. The execution of
   specific DROPs surveys can reduce the growing number of accidents/
   incidents considerably. (DROPs surveys are part of our standard inspections
   for years.)

* We inspect the mechanical condition of rigs, workover-hoists and other well
   interference-equipment according the applicable national, international and
   company-own standards.

* The execution of wall thickness measurements of (a.o.) high pressure mud
   piping or tank walls, etc. that became vulnerable by cavitation. This can be
   done without removing the paint.

* Sheaves of crown- and hook block can be checked by us on normal wear or
   abnormal partial wear.

* Supporting the implementation of electro-technical management, planning
maintenance/drawing up maintenance procedures (Dutch Labour Resolution,
art. 3.4, section d).

* Temporary substitution of the function of Low-voltage Expert or
   Responsible Expert/authorized High Voltage switch gear operator is a

* Project management: we can do the planning and support of a project for
   your company (Project Chasing).

* We can do the complete commissioning of newly-built drilling and workover

* Incident investigation: we can investigate technical malfunctioning and/or
   coordinate between parties, in addition we can look at the software
   according the applicable standards for machine safety.

* We can draw up the function requirements for electro-technical and
   mechanical employees and we can also do the planning of the training
   program to be followed by your electrical employees and sufficiently
   instructed persons.

* We can take care of the training of sufficiently instructed persons, in theory
   and practice.

* Engineering of modifications and the following realization/support during
   the construction.

* We can give your executives an electrical awareness course “Handling
   electrical installations”.

* We can take care of complete safety and HACCP inspections in rig- and
   sleeping-accommodations including checks of facilities medical rooms.

* Because BJ Consultancy feels sympathetic towards the environment, all
   possible wastages and environmental crimes are included in our inspections.

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