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   Why us
  • Because BJ Consultancy offers you a full service plan
    (one-stop-shop principle);
  • Because we have our roots in the oil- and gas-industry, where
    we actually gained our experience and therefore know how to
    handle and judge the installations.
  • Because we do thorough inspections, electrotechnical as well as
mechanical, both in relation to safe operations and explosion
  • Because our reports are clearly, to-the-point, written, supported
by a lot of pictures;
  • Because we can give good advise(s) about changes/improvements
that have to be done with a clear reference to legislation and/or
company specific requirements;
  • Because we can help you solving problems in putting you in
    contact with specialist suppliers and manufacturers through our
    huge network;
  • Because we always are a technical oracle for our customers, but
    also for not-yet customers.
  • Because we still have the flexibility to be able to execute not only
    standard but also customer-oriented inspections.
  • Because we never see problems, just challenges and solutions!